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Viano Bio Lime 20kg

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Makes the soil less acidic

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  • Reduces soil pH ( pH is a scale used to measure acidity)
  • Contains magnesium to enhance the colour of the grass
  • Organic based and best used as part of a regular grass maintenance programme
  • Promotes healthy grass
  • Reduces moss development by using the moss as a feeding agent

Viano Bio Lime is an organic based product which lowers the pH levels (scale used to measure acidity) in the soil to promote healthy thriving grass. By reducing the pH levels it frees up more nutrients within the soil for the grass to uptake and reduces moss development. This can be applied at 50-100 grammes per metre squared all year round. To achieve green grass it contains magnesium and for best results use it as part of a regular maintenance programme. The bacteria in Bio Lime uses dead moss as turf food.

Most plants cannot tolerate a wide range of acidity in the soil so a pH of 6.5 is normal for most home gardens since most plants thrive in levels of 6.0 to 7.0. The pH is not an indication of fertility, but it does affect the availability of fertilizer nutrients. Always wear gloves when you are spreading the fertiliser. If you have a garden that needs a lot more coverage then you can also purchase Viano bio lime in a 20 kg  bag.


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