Sureseal Teat Sealer (30 Cow Pack)

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SureSeal is a teat seal which is indicated for the prevention of ascending intramammary infections throughout the dry period

  • Active Ingredients: Bismuth subnitrate
  • Application method: Intramammary infusion
  • Effective against: Intramammary infections
  • Dosage: One syringe for each udder quarter

Sureseal teat sealers are an intramammary tube that seals the sphincter muscle at the end of the teat. By doing this it prevents any bacteria or harmful organism from rising into the teat and causing infection. Infuse the contents of one syringe of the product into each udder quarter immediately after the last milking of the lactation (at drying off). Do not massage the teat or udder after infusion of the product. Care must be taken not to introduce pathogens into the teat in order to reduce the risk of post-infusion mastitis (aseptic technique). It is essential that the teat is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, with surgical spirit or alcohol-impregnated wipes. The teats should be wiped until the teats are no longer visibly dirty. Teats should be allowed to dry prior to infusion. Infuse aseptically and avoid contamination of the syringe nozzle. Following infusion it is advisable to use an appropriate teat dip or spray. Zero withdrawal for meat, milk and offal.


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