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Spinning Jenny Wire Dispenser Dc35

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€ 145.93


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Fully galvanised wire dispenser that is easy to use and is ideal for running out or winding up all types of wire

  • Avoids wire from tangling or jamming
  • Can be easily adjusted to suit most wire coil sizes
  • Very portable, can fold up and is easy to carry
  • Hardwearing and long lasting fully made from galvanise
  • Very straight forward and easy to use, it can make fencing more efficient

Spinning Jenny Wire Dispenser DC35 is the most convenient way to uncoil high tensile steel wire for permanent electric fencing runs. Wire can tangle and be very difficult to handle causing wastage and slow down the job. The Jenny Wire can adjust to most wire coil sizes and avoid tangling or jamming. Very easy to use, simply place the wire around the dispenser and slowly run the wire for as long as you need. Long lasting and durable it is manufactured from galvanise. High tensile wire can be tough and hard to manage. Always wear gloves when you are handling wire and safety glasses to protect your eyes if the wire springs back. Appropriate for permanent electric fencing it will make your job far easier and more efficient. Consider the area you are fencing and plan ahead as to what other equipment you need. Tighten the wire and use stainless steel staples to maintain and increase the longevity of the fence.


WEIGHT : 8.000 KG
LENGTH : 0.000
WIDTH : 0.000
HEIGHT : 0.000