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Miracle Gro Continuous Release Plant Food Shaker 1kg

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Miracle Gro All Purpose Continuous Release Plant food contains a special mix of nutrients giving beautiful, healthy plants with more blooms

  • Grows plants twice as big - the warmer the soil the faster it grows
  • One application feeds plants for up to 6 months, removing the need for regular feeding
  • Patented technology used by professional growers
  • Steady, even growth of nutrients
  • Produces strong, sturdy and healthy plants

Miracle Gro All Purpose Continuous Release Plant Food contains a special mix of nutrients for bigger plants and better blooms. A special coating on the granules controls the release of plant food, so that it matches the plants needs. It only releases nutrients when conditions are right for plant growth and when the plants need them. This ensures that plants are not short of balanced nutrients for up to 6 months from just 1 application. This release ensures steady, even growth, not uneven surges, which is far better for producing strong, sturdy, healthy plants that perform much better in the garden. Flowers, fruit and vegetables performs best when they have an even amount of balanced nutrients. This formula can also be used in the planting hole with new plants as slow release won't burn plant roots. The release rate is controlled by soil temperature. The warmer it gets, the faster plants will grow and the more nutrients are released. This also ensures there is little risk of under- and overfeeding and wastage due to excessive leaching out of the soil or compost, something that can be common with un-coated solid feeds, especially in very wet or waterlogged conditions.


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