Kentucky Karron Oil 5L

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This Kentucky Karron Oil 5L is a blend of essential fatty acids which is ideal for horses

  • Active Ingredients: Flaxseed oil
  • Use regularly as an in-feed aid to maintain good digestive health and function
  • Effective against: Digestive Aid
  • Application method: Feed

Kentucky Karron oil will contribute to the stamina required for horses in training. Regular use will maintain a healthy digestive system and excellent coat sheen on your horse. Safe for racing and competition horses. Regular use reduces need to make special mashes. Will not give foals pot bellies. Will not cause leg filling. Being emulsified means it offers greater surface area to digestive enzymes so they work fast and efficiently to extract all it's natural properties. Trainers often remark that it's safely worth a pound of oats a day. It is a rich source of Omega fatty acids which are essential for good health.


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