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Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer

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From €7.95

Ready-to-use chew through sachets for rodent control

  • Delivers a lethal dose in a single feed
  • Effective at a low concentration (25ppm)
  • Excellent palatability and durability
  • For use indoors & outdoors around buildings
  • Limited oil release

Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Plus uses Difethialone, the most innovative anticoagulant on the market. It has no known genetic resistance in rodents and is proven to be effective at a low concentration (25ppm). Deadfast Mouse & Rat Killer Plus Sachets have the ability to deliver a lethal dose in a single feed allowing you to use the product with confidence. The bait comes in a ready-to-use #chew through# sachet that contains a soft texture paste, made with whole grains and vegetable ingredients for the highest palatability. The sachets maintain their freshness, flavour and attractiveness even at high temperatures, thanks to their limited oil release technology.


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