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Aquadyne Tablet Iodine x 50 Tablets

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A slow release iodine supplementation for growth, thrive and fertility in growing and grown stock

  • Helps to combat iodine deficiencies in cattle
  • Effective against mineral and trace element deficiencies
  • Water soluble tablet which is highly effective and simple to use
  • 50 Aquadyne per box

Iodine is a micro-nutrient that is lacking in certain soils and many home grown feeds. Unless supplementation is used, animals may suffer adverse effects, especially stillbirths / weak calves at calving as well as adverse effects on fertility during breeding. Tablets dissolve slowly releasing supplement directly into the drinking water. Highly effective and simple to use. Aquadyne tablets release an average of 60mg of iodine per day. Dosage for cows and cattle is 2 tablets per head per week. Weanlings and yearlings should get 1 tablet per head per week. When rotating cows between paddocks, just transfer the net dispenser to the new trough. Use for 6-8 Weeks. Place tablets inside a net dispenser and hang inside drinking trough. This box comes with 50 Aquadyne Tablets.


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