Volostrum Lamb 10x50g

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A natural alternative to colostrum for feeding when maternal colostrum is unavailable or in short supply

  • Suitable for use with sheep and lambs as a natural alternative to colostrum
  • Easy oral application method
  • Withdrawal: Zero days
  • Application method: Oral

Lamb Volostrum is an exceptional replacement for natural colostrum. It can act as a vital emergency supply where natural colostrum is unavailable or in short supply. This has made volostrum a popular choice amongst sheep farmers. Simply add all the contents to 0.5L of warm water in a clean bucket. Mix thoroughly until the volostrum and water has combined to form a smooth even mixture. Mix in an additional 0.5L of warm water , making a total of approx. 1.6L. This can then be fed to the lamb either via bucket and teat or stomach tube.


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