Victor Deadfast Live Catch Mouse Trap

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Catch rather than kill the mouse in your home. With no poison or snapping parts to worry about, these traps can be used near children, pets, water and food, either indoors or outdoors.

  • Clean & Humane
  • No poisons or snapping parts
  • Re-usable
  • Catches 1 mouse per setting
  • Twin pack

The Victor Deadfast mouse trap are compact traps that can be placed anywhere mice are expected to travel. The mouse is captured without being killed, and you can free your captive without the fear of coming into physical contact with it. The Victor catch and release trap is clean and humane and can be re used. Precautions: Check traps regularly, ideally at 6 hour intervals to avoid mouse distress. Remove traps when monitoring is not possible. It is an offence to place the trap in a location which may endanger wild birds or other protected animals. How to use: BAIT: Open the door of the trap. Apply bait (for example peanut butter/chocolate spread) to the back wall of the trap. SET: Lift the front of the door to open. PLACE: Position trap with back wall elevated where signs of rodent activity are visible (or along walls where mice travel). Placing two traps back to back will improve your chances of catching mice. RELEASE: After capture, release the mouse at least two miles away by opening the door.


WEIGHT : 1.000 KG
LENGTH : 43.000MM
WIDTH : 121.000MM
HEIGHT : 170.000MM