Victor Deadfast Electronic Mouse Trap

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The Deadfast Electronic Mouse Trap uses advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a mouse enters the trap. Once inside the trap enables a 100% kill rate

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  • Kills 100+ mice per 4x AA batteries
  • High voltage for quick humane kill
  • 100% kill rate
  • Safety switch
  • For indoor use only

Deadfast electronic mouse trap is extremely easy to use. Simply bait, place, and turn on. When the mouse steps onto the metal plates, it completes the circuit and the trap delivers a humane, high-voltage shock. Each time the trap catches a mouse, the indicator light on top flashes green for up to seven days. This trap will kill up to 100 mice per 4 x AA batteries. The Victor Deadfast electronic mouse trap delivers 100 % kill rate, has an indicator light for when a mouse has been trapped and also comes with a safety switch. Caution: Read and follow label instructions. Do not touch metal plates when device is powered on. Inappropriate use of this trap may cause an electrical shock. Keep away from children. It is an offence to place the trap in a location which may endanger wild birds or other protected animals. How to use: INSERT BATTERIES: Ensure the trap is switched off. Remove battery cover and insert 4 x AA batteries. Replace cover. BAIT: Open the lid. Apply bait (for example peanut butter/chocolate spread) in the inside back wall of the trap. PLACE: Position trap along the wall where mice are known to travel or where you have seen activity of mice. SET: Turn on the trap. A green light will blink once indicating the trap is functioning correctly). DISPOSAL: Once a mouse has been caught, the green light will flash continuously (for up to 7 days). Hold the trap over a double bag. Open the lid to release the mouse. Dispose of the bag into a bin with a secure lid. A red light will blink when battery replacement is needed.


WEIGHT : 1.000 KG
LENGTH : 78.000MM
WIDTH : 122.000MM
HEIGHT : 253.000MM