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Mo-Bacter 10kg

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Organic slow release lawn fertiliser with added magnesium

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  • A natural and organic product
  • No raking required
  • Prevents new moss growth
  • Will not stain patio tiles or concrete
  • Effective for up to 100 days

Mo-Bacter improves the soil overall and there is no black mess or raking out afterwards. The fertilizer contains beneficial decomposing bacteria which consume the organic waste and convert it into useful lawn feed. To achieve the best results it should be applied at 100g per msq and must only be applied in ground temperatures above 12 degrees celsius. If used in temperatures below this the enzyme will not activate and the product will be leached from the soil/grass by rain. Safe to use around kids and animals it does not stain concrete or paving.


Once spread it releases its nutrients evenly over a twelve week period. When it is working against moss it also feeds the lawn. The high levels of potassium are ingested by the moss which in turn causes the moss plants to breakdown and be ingested by bacteria in the fertilizer. A good soil structure is a vital part of the natural environment. It is just as important as plants, animals, rocks and rivers. Influencing the distribution of plant species it also provides a habitat for a wide range of organisms.


Viano Bio Lime can be used as a moss inhibitor in conjunction with this product.


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