Vector Pour On 5L

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For the treatment and control of headflies, Ixodes ricinus tick infestation, biting lice and for the prevention and treatment of blowfly strike in sheep

  • Suitable for use with sheep at risk of blowfry
  • Effective against flies, sucking lice and biting lice
  • Pour on method of application
  • Active ingredient cypermethrin

Using the straight nozzle on the applicator gun, apply as a pin-stream from the shoulders to the rump along the middle of the backline. Apply as a fan-spray to the surface of the fleece on the back and hindquarters of the sheep using the applicator gun fitted with the fan-spray nozzle. Half the dose should be applied to the shoulders, back and flanks, and half to the rump. The distance between the nozzle and the fleece should be approximately 20cm. Each dose will require 2 or 3 sweeps to apply. The product will prevent blowfly strike only on areas covered by spray. One application will give 6-8 weeks protection. Re-treat as required. Apply directly to the affected parts at the rate of 2.5ml per 100-150cm2 (roughly the size of a hand). The T-bar nozzle should be used. Most strikes will require 5 -10ml. Ensure that the affected parts are treated. A single application is sufficient to ensure that larvae are expelled and killed within a few hours. This product contains a blue dye to aid in the identification of treated animals. The colour is temporary and will fade from the fleece within 7 days of application, depending upon fleece length and weather conditions. Meat - Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment. Sheep may be slaughtered for human consumption only after 7 days from the last treatment. Milk - Not to be administered to animals producing milk for human consumption.


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