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Universal Outdoor Cleaner 5ltr

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Universal Outdoor Cleaner 5ltr

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  • Outdoor Cleaner for paths,walls,patios, decks and concrete.
  • Contains added fungicide
  • Removes moss, mould & algae
  • Reduces need for scrubbing and heavy powerwashing.
  • Wear suitable gloves and eye/face Protection

Universal Outdoor Cleaner is a quick acting chemical solution for removing moss, mould & algae. This liquid cleaner also contains a fungicide and is the perfect choice for washing walls, paths, concrete walkways, patios and decks. Comes in a 5 litre pack. Eliminates the need for heavy scrubbing and damage caused by over-powerwashing. This product contains less than 5% non-ionic surfactants & 5% benzalkonioum chloride. Please follow on pack instructions and wear protective clothing.


WEIGHT : 5.800 KG
LENGTH : 0.000
WIDTH : 0.000
HEIGHT : 0.000