Uniscale Descaler

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Uniscale descaler 25L for milking equipment

  • Can be used in a hot or cold wash
  • Contains phosphoric and nitric acid
  • Prevents rubberware deterioration
  • Remove mineral deposits from water

Uniscale is a high performing descaler. Available in 25L it is suitable for milking equipment. The solution contains Phosphoric and Nitric Acid. As rubber-ware gets older it starts to pit and crack allowing bacteria to survive, protected from hot water chemicals. When using cleaning products it is essential that they are used the correct way. Always replace old rubber-ware and examine it on an on-going basis. Once milking is complete rinse the equipment with warm drinkable water. Circulate the solution made of min 1 litre Uniscale on 50 litre of hot water at 50-70C for 5 minutes. Rinse with cold drinkable water to prevent damaging the rubberware and to minimize residues. Ensure the system is drained before the next milking and the machine has fully rinsed before turning it off. The acidic descaler removes mineral deposits from water. The moisture proof container should be stored in a cool dry place. Always ensure the lid is securely closed after using the detergent and protective clothing is worn. After milking all equipment should be cleaned and sterilised before the next milking. The purpose of cleaning is to remove milk soils, organic and mineral solids. The purpose of sanitising is to kill microorganisms on the surfaces. Failure to do both results in bacteria remaining on the equipment and multiplying. This results in elevated bacteria counts in milk.


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