Super Synthetic Anti Corrosive Oxide Paint Red

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Ideal for all structural steel surfaces, farm buildings, hay barns, sheds, corrugated iron roofs and other metal structures

  • Suitable for bare, corrugated and galvanised metal or iron surfaces
  • Very reliable with excellent covering power
  • Weather shield with anti-corrosive properties
  • Helps protect and extend the life of farm buildings
  • Protects and prevents rust

Syn-oxide is the ideal paint when it comes to extending the life of a farm building, by protecting metal surfaces from weather conditions or other damaging factors. This durable, long lasting paint is suitable for every metal shed, roof, hay barns, corrugated iron roofs or any steel structure. It is a high performance coated paint and helps to prolong the life of farm equipment. It is lead-free and acts like an outstanding weather shield, offering protection against external factors and enhancing the appearance of the farmyard. Syn-oxide is easy to apply and needs minimum preparation with effective results. 5 colours are available. The paint is very efficient and can cover up 13 square meters with only 1 litre. Keeping equipment painted protects it from rust which can eat through the most durable metal tool. Always be safe when you are painting. Be certain that all buildings are kept in good repair and the ladder or climbing machine is in suitable and in safe condition. Wear suitable clothing and protect your hands with gloves. Avoid painting in windy weather.


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