Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Stain 2.5L

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Protect decking from wear and tear while enhancing the appearance with striking contemporary colours

  • Twice as long lasting as other decking stains
  • Prevents scuffing and greying of the decking
  • Suitable for hardwood and softwood decks
  • Showerproof within 90 minutes
  • Available in a range of colours

Proven to last twice as long as other decking stains, this Ultimate Protection Decking Stain will prevent wear and tear damage from foot traffic and tough weather conditions. It is rainproof within 90 minutes and will be completely dry and ready for regular use after 24 hours.


It can be used on smooth and grooved decking and it is suitable for both soft and hard woods. It is available in a wide range of attractive colours that would suit any style of decking. For best results apply on a dry warm day on a completely dry deck. Apply to 3 - 4 boards at a time in order to prevent unsightly overlap staining.


WEIGHT : 2.800 KG
LENGTH : 16.000CM
WIDTH : 16.000CM
HEIGHT : 16.000CM