Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil

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Replenishing natural oils and protecting decking timber

  • Twice as long lasting as other decking oils
  • Prevents cracking, splitting & greying
  • Coverage per Litre: 8m2
  • Rainproof after 90 minutes
  • Attractive tinted oil

This Ultimate decking oil helps restore decking to optimal condition by replenishing the naturally occurring oils lost during wreathing, wear and tear. This versatile oil can be used on both smooth and grooved decking and is suitable for hard and soft wood. It is a long lasting oil and has been proven to last twice as long as other decking oils on the market.


When oils are replenished it has been proven to reduce cracking, splitting. Warping and greying. The decking oil is rainproof after 90 minutes and is available with a range of natural subtle attractive tints. For best results decking should be completely dry and carry out treatment on a warm dry day. When treating a deck, to avoid unsightly overlap marks treat 3 - 4 boards at a time. Allow 4 hours drying time between coats.


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