Ronseal Garden Paint Warm Stone

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A range of beautiful colours for garden timber, terracotta and metal work

  • Great for up-cycling craft project
  • Suitable for woodwork, metal and brickwork
  • Coverage per Litre: Approximately 12m2
  • Maintains colours for up to 5 years
  • Available in a range of colour

A range of beautiful colours for garden timber, terracotta and metal work Ronseal Garden Paint lets you inject striking beautiful colours into just about any garden. It can be used to update, upgrade and upcycle just about anything you can think of. It#s suitable for furniture, timber, brickwork, metel work and terracotta styled pots. It has a complete drying time of 4 hours and is touch dry and shower proof within 1 hour. It offers water proofing protection to wood work and has an over all colour protection of 5 years.


To prepare old garden furniture for painting, all previous treatments and paints should removed so as to have a natural bare wood surface to paint. The wood should also be free of any mildew, mould and fungi. For best results the wood should be completely dry before painting. In order to paint terracotta pots, treatments such as glazing and other protective treatments will need to be moved by thoroughly sanding or wire brushing them. This is to allow the paint to adhere sufficiently to the pot. It is recommended to water bead test weather terracotta pots. If beads of water stay on the surface of the pot, it will need to be sanded and the test repeated. When the beads of water are seen to be absorbed into the surface, it is ready for painting.


To prepare metal surfaces for painting you will need to first paint them with a suitable metal primer. It is recommended to use a grey primer under darker shades and a white primer under lighter colour shades. To paint brick or stone work, ensure the surface is free from algae, mould and mildew. Brush away any loose debris and dust with a stiffened metal brush and it will be ready to paint. It is recommended that 3 coats be applied in order to achieve the best results. Each coat should be allowed to drive for 4 hours before continuing with the next coat.


WEIGHT : 0.300 KG
LENGTH : 6.000CM
WIDTH : 6.000CM
HEIGHT : 10.000CM