Pura-Mask Farmers D/M/F FFP3SL

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Excellent safety mask which combines comfort and performance offering excellent protection

  • Pleaded filter technology ensures breathing is not obstructed when wearing
  • Manufactured from duramesh which ensures this mask is durable and retains its shape
  • Ventex valve reduces heat and moisture when wearing
  • Adjustable clip and strap for comfort
  • 100% PVC free

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This reusable health and safety mask is both comfortable and breathable. The pleaded filter technology ensures the normal breathing process is not disrupted when wearing and the adjustable clip and strap ensure comfort when wearing. This mask is manufactured from duramesh material which ensures shape and durability, this alongside the ventex valve which serves to reduce heat and moisture when wearing ensures this mask is an excellent, reusable method of respiratory protection.


WEIGHT : 60.000 G
LENGTH : 0.000
WIDTH : 0.000
HEIGHT : 0.000