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Perforated Black Coil Land Drainage Pipe

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A high density land drainage coil manafactured from durable polyethylene

  • Made from high density polyethylene for strength
  • Extremely corrosion resistant for durability
  • Will not collapse under weight or pressure
  • Designed for optimum water dispersion
  • High strength to density ratio

Made from high density polyethylene, this land drainage coil has a high strength to density ratio and is extremely corrosion resistant. Fully recyclable, this black pipe is perforated in a 2 X 2 offset pattern. The inside diameter of the pipe is 50mm and the outside diameter is 60mm. The pipe has a minimum radius bend of 1 meter. The ring stiffness of the pipe is greater than 7KN/msq. The perforations are 2mm x 15mm. As a result, the pipes provide excellent strength. When they are installed properly they will not collapse under weight or pressure. The perforations are designed for optimum water dispersion. Land drainage pipe should be installed with 1/2 inch (10mm) washed stone. This will aid in improved water flow and optimal drainage.


WEIGHT : 30.000 KG
LENGTH : 35.000m
WIDTH : 0.160m
HEIGHT : 0.000m