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Peckish Complete Seed & Nut No Mess 2kg + 50%

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Peckish Complete All Seasons Seed Mix is a unique blend that#s packed with energy & nutrition. Everything that a bird needs to fuel them for longer.

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  • Packed with 12 different ingredients
  • High Energy
  • No mess, no waste
  • Proven to attract the UK's top 10 garden birds
  • With added Calvita Vitamin Mix

Peckish complete seed and nut wild bird food mix is the ideal feed to provide wild birds with the energy and nutrition they need. The food mix ensures that there are different seeds for different birds and will attract all types of wild birds to the garden. The Peckish complete seed mix is husk free which means there is no mess. The all seasons seed mix provides birds with calcium to promote bone and feather growth for the upcoming seasons. The Peckish complete seed mix contains vitamins A,D,E and Biotin which will strengthen beaks and bones to help growth and reproduction. This wild bird seed is the perfect mixture for your bird feeders and table feeders.


WEIGHT : 3.025 KG
LENGTH : 330.000MM
WIDTH : 230.000MM
HEIGHT : 130.000MM