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Noromectin Pour On

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Noromection pour on is a broad spectrum topical application

Noromection pour on is a broad spectrum topical application for the control of Gastrointestinal Roundworms, Lungworms, Eye Worms, Warbles, Mange mites and Sucking Lice. To ensure administration of a correct dose, bodyweight should be determined as accurately as possible. The accuracy of the dosing device should be checked. If animals are to be treated collectively rather than individually they should be grouped according to their bodyweight and dosed accordingly, in order to avoid under or overdosing. The formulation should be applied along the mid-line of the back in a narrow strip between the withers and tail head. To avoid secondary reactions due to death of Hypoderma larvae it is recommended to administer the product at the end of the perod of warble fly activity and before the larvae reach their resting sites. Consult your veterinanian on the correct timing of treatment. Do not treat cattle when their hide or hair is wet. Do not treat cattle if rain is expected, as rain within the first two hours of treatment may reduce efficacy. Do not apply to areas of skin which may have mange, scabs or other lesions or to contaminated with mud or manure. Veterinary advice should be sought on appropriate dosing programmes and stock management to achieve adequate parasite control, and to reduce the likelihood of anthelmintic resistance developing. Veterinary advice should also be sought if the product does not achieve the desired clinical effect, as other diseases, nutritional disturbances or anthelmintic resistance might be involved. Frequent and repeated use may lead to the development of resistance. It is important that the correct dose is given in order to minimize the risk of resistance. Ivermectins may not be well tolerated in non-target species and may be fatal. The withdrawal period for meat and offal is 28 days after the last treatment. Noromectin Pour-On is not permitted for use in animals producing milk for human cons


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