Norbrook Opti-Mag Bolus (10)

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Opti-Mag 3 boli are indicated for use in adult cattle as an aid in the maintenance of magnesium intake during the high risk periods associated with the grazing of rapidly growing grass, by the provision of a slow release depot of magnesium's

  • Contains magnesium for the prevention and treatment of cases of grass tetany
  • Suitable for use with cattle and sheep
  • Oral administration through specifically designed bulleting gun

These magnesium bullets are targeted at preventing hypomagnesaemia (grass tetany) in dairy cattle. They should be administered before the major risk periods of grass tetany. These risk periods include after calving when cows are grazing lush early spring grass. Use a suitable dosing gun to put 2 boluses into the back of the mouth at the same time. Take care during administration to avoid injury to the mouth and pharynx. Always ensure the animal swallows the boluses. Only to be given to cattle at least 300kg bodyweight. Administer orally by using the specially designed bolus gun. Load the gun by inserting the bolus into the open end. Open the animal#s mouth and the gun should then be introduced carefully and gently until the bolus is in the region of the back of the tongue. Severe pressure on the tongue should be avoided. Depression of the plunger will deliver the bolus onto the rear part of the tongue, thereby initiating a swallowing action. The gun should then be carefully withdrawn from the mouth. A second bolus should then be administered following the same procedure. Observe each animal for a short time after administration to ensure the boli have not been regurgitated.


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