Lamb & Calf Colostrum Survivor

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Survivor Lamb & Calf Colostrum is a high quality colostrum and an essential source of energy and protection for lambs and calves

  • High quality colostrum for lambs and calves
  • Easy to mix in lukewarm water
  • Provides a high energy source and stimulus for the new-born animal to suckle naturally on the mother
  • Johne's disease free
  • Rich in vitamin A, D & E

Survivor is an easy to mix colostrum for lambs and calves. Colostrum is an essential source of energy and nutrition to ensure that lambs and calves get off to the best start in life. Survivor can be used as a complete replacement or to supplement the cows colostrum as required. It helps to build a strong immune system and protect them from disease. It comes in a powdered form which is easily digestible once mixed with lukewarm water. Each feed should be measured with the scoop provided and mixed with lukewarm water. Always test the temperature of the water to ensure it is not to hot or too cold. Survivor colostrum is Johne's disease free which is a contagious, chronic and sometimes fatal infection that primarily affects the small intestine of calves.


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