Hypred Quick Spray

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Hypred Quick Spray RTU 22kg for teat hydration and protection

  • Contains lactic salicylic acid complex which kills mastitis causing bacteria
  • Contains high levels of emollients to prevent sore, chapped teats
  • Contains high levels of hydrating agents
  • Starts to work after 30 seconds
  • Can be used pre and post milking

Hypred Quick Spray RTU is a premium pre & post teat spray. It acts as an emollient which nourishes and hydrates the teat. Substances include propylene, glycol and glycerine. The complex substance contains lactic salicylic acid which is effective against mastitis causing bacteria and works within 30 seconds after spraying. For the best possible effect it is important to spray immediately after removing the cluster. If you spray directly after removal the teat canal sphincter is still open and the quick spray will stop the chance of bacteria multiplying. Each teat should be fully covered with the spray. Chemicals can dry out teat causing them to become sore and this can irritate the cow during milking. The aim of spraying post-milking is to remove any contagious mastitis causing bacteria that may be on the teat surface and also protect and prevent the spread of other bacteria from one cow to another. Once mastitis occurs it can spread quickly from cow to cow so by using Hypred Quick Spray RTU before and after every milking it will protect your herd and save you veterinary costs.


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