Gold Crop Clingseal/Underlayer Silage Film

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Clingseal is a thin flexible cling sheet that sits directly beneath the traditional black sheet for improved quality silage with less waste

  • Thinner and more flexible
  • Ideal for moist crops with a greater potential
  • Creates a vacuum between the surface of the clamp, thereby reducing air pockets and providing quicker fermentation and reducing top and shoulder losses in the pit
  • Better silage means better returns on live weight gain and milk yield
  • Reduces air pockets to enhance the effectiveness of conventional sheeting

These new generation clamp sheets sit directly beneath the traditional black silage sheet where they closely follow and cling to the clamp surface to prevent pockets of trapped air forming. This closer fit minimises the presence of air pockets, depriving aerobic bacteria, such as those that cause white mould, of the oxygen they need to grow Because Visqueen Clingseal provides an effective air seal to create the right anaerobic conditions it also facilitates a faster, more efficient fermentation process to deliver enhanced silage quality. It is a thin flexible, low oxygen permeability film and still tough enough to be able to be handled robustly, it and can withstand being walked upon while it is being laid. Clingseal is of particular benefit when ensiling moist feeds like brewers# grains and crimped maize - higher value crops that are more susceptible to wastage.


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