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GAIN Pre Calver Activator Nuts 25kg

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GAIN Pre Calver Activator Nuts provides the optimal nutrition requirements for the dry cow and protein for calf development

  • Top-spec precalver mineral included with Mg, P, Bioplex Cu, Zn, Mn, Sel-Plex Se, and vitamin E
  • Yea-sacc live yeast helps stabilise the digestive system for a smooth transition from pregnancy to lactation
  • Bioplex protected copper and zinc refuel the cows mineral reserves to help prevent deficiencies
  • Sel-Plex protected selenium and extra vitamin E help boost immunity, improve somatic cell count (SCC) and fertility

GAIN Pre Calver Activator Nuts have the optimal nutrition requirements to meet the demands of the dry cow, adequate protein levels for calf development and mammary tissue. Its formulated to 18% protein and is designed to make up for any shortfalls that may occur on low protein silages or straw based dry cow diets.


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