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GAIN Bigdogs Adult Dog Food

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From €9.95

Advanced complete nutrition for dogs over 20kg

  • Hypoallergenic & sensitive for small stomach
  • Contains L Carnitine & reduced levels of fat & energy, to help achieve the optimum body weight
  • Precise blend of glucosamine, MSM and omega oils to help joint care in larger dogs
  • Unique source of real calcium from milk combined with vitamin D and phosphorous for strong bones & teeth
  • Contains a unique blend of all the essential vitamins, protected minerals and antioxidants

GAIN big dogs adult dog food uses the concept of precision nutrition, GAIN pet food have formulated a specific premium food for adult dogs in the Big Dogs category. The Adult Big Dogs product is an advanced complete nutrition for dogs over 20k. GAIN big dogs adult is scientifically balanced with the optimum omega 3 to omega 6 ratios which ensure a glossy coat and healthy skin for your dog. The use of top quality protein in this formula helps maintain and control bodyweight. The formula has also contains soluble fibres to cater for highly sensitive small stomachs and aid good digestion. The soluble fibres plus FOS (prebiotic) will leave small dry stools with reduced odour. GAIN big dogs adult is ideal for weight control as it contains L-Carnitine and controlled levels of top quality Protein & Fat, to help maintain optimum body weight. The ingredients used will help with strong bones & teeth as a unique source of real calcium (from milk) combined with vitamin D and phosphorous will assist with keeping your dog(s) healthy and strong. As your dog becomes an adult, it is important to keep their joints in good health. The precise blend of Glucosamine, MSM and omega oils will help with joint care. Adjust feeding rate for age, activity, and external conditions, to maintain a lean healthy body condition. Feed once or twice a day, dry or moistened as preferred. Provide clean drinking water at all times. Make all diet changes gradually over a 7 # 10 day period.


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