Ezetrode Welding Rods

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Versatile welding rods ideal for fillet and butt joint welding

  • High quality and smooth transfer
  • Low spatter range
  • Easy slag removal
  • Can be used on an AC or DC current
  • Suitable for Fillet and Butt joint welding

Ezetrode Welding Rods weigh 3KG and are 2.5mm. These manual metal arc welding rods are versatile and are ideal for fillet and butt joint welding. They can be used with both an AC and DC current. Made of excellent quality materials, they can be easily transferred and have a low spatter range. A Butt Weld is the most commonly used method of joining a pipe to itself, fittings, valves and other equipment. This welding technique is used where a quality weld is desired and the Ezetrode is suitable to use. Fillet welded joints account for around 70-80% of all joints made by arc welding and are generally used for joining pipe to socket joints. When you are welding ensure to always wear suitable gloves, clothing and a welding helmet. Always remain vigilant as there are many risks associated with welding. Electric shock, exposure to fumes, gases and explosions could all happen if you do not take the appropriate precautions.


WEIGHT : 2.500 KG
LENGTH : 0.000
WIDTH : 0.000
HEIGHT : 0.000