Duocel RTU Teatdip

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Duocel is suitable for use in pre or post dipping of dairy cows either in pre or post milking applications.

  • Bright yellow colours gives excellent visibility on the teats
  • No mixing required ensuring correct concentration is applied at all times and efficacy is not affected by water quality
  • Very effective in cleaning and disinfection of teats when use as a pre dip, spray or foam
  • Suitable use in all types of automatic sprayers and systems
  • Biocidal registered disinfectant - PCS 97460

Ready to use dual biocides Lactic Acid/ Chlorhexidine Gluconate delivers an effective kill rate against mastitis causing bacteria. Contains high levels of mixed emollients Glycerine & Lanolin to deliver excellent teat condition. EN1656 Tested


WEIGHT : 22.000 KG
LENGTH : 295.000MM
WIDTH : 243.000MM
HEIGHT : 390.000MM