Deosan Liquid CIP Chlorine Free

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Specially formulated caustic liquid designed for use in hot and cold water

  • 32% Caustic liquid detergent with surfactants for unrivaled milk soil removal
  • Contains binding agents to ensure that fats remain in solution during circulation
  • Low foaming circulation cleaner for all types of milking equipment including robots
  • Contains added sequestering agents for exceptional performance in water of any hardness
  • Teagasc Tested

Deosan caustic liquid is a chlorine free caustic detergent for the cleaning of milking equipment. This is a low foaming detergent suitable for every type of water hardness. It is highly effective at removing proteins and lipids from surfaces that come in contact with milk. For best results and to maintain optimal hygiene standards it should be used twice a week after milking. It is effective as a hot or cold wash. Usage rate 200ml per 40liltres of water.  (4 unit milking machine).


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