Covexin 8 100cc

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COVEXIN 8 for the active immunisation of cattle and sheep to reduce clostridial diseases

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  • Protect against clostridial diseases with a simple vaccination program of 2 doses in your first year and a single dose every 12 months thereafter
  • Easily administered by a subcutaneous injection reducing stress for man and beast alike
  • Specialised dosing un makes the injection quicker but also more accurate
  • Administer before the maine period of risk to have full immunity before bacteria strike.

Covexin 8 is designed as a vaccine for of sheep and cattle against diseases caused by Clostridial bacteria. The herd or flock should be vaccinated at least two weeks before a period of risk. This period of risk could include events such as breeding, parturition and housing. Sheep and lambs over 8 weeks of age should get a 5 ml initial dose followed by a 2 ml dose 6 weeks later. Lambs 2-8 weeks of age, from unvaccinated ewes or ewes of unknown vaccination status should get a 2 ml initial dose followed by a second 2 ml dose 4-6 weeks later.


Cattle of all ages can receive a 5 ml initial dose followed by a second 5 ml dose 6 weeks later. A single dose (2 ml for sheep, 5 ml for cattle) should be administered at 12 month intervals. By subcutaneous injection preferably in the loose skin on the side of the neck, observing aseptic precautions. Shake thoroughly before use. In the event of an anaphylactic reaction appropriate treatment such as adrenaline should be administered without delay.


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