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Cookout Charcoal Briquettes 5kg

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Perfect for a long burning performance in barbeques.

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  • Distributes heat evenly for a better cooking result
  • Long-burning performance
  • Available in a 5kg bag
  • Requires lighter fluid for ignition
  • More suited to foods that require more time on the barbecue

Cookout Charcoal Briquettes come in a 5kg bag. Designed specifically to distribute heat evenly, it gives a better cooking result. The charcoal requires the use of a lighter fluid for ignition and is formulated to provide a long-burning cooking performance. The black briquettes have a 12 month manufacturer warranty.


Using briquettes have some practical benefits, taking longer to burn, so you need less of them and they hold their heat longer. Always remain cautious when you are using a barbeque. When using briquettes after dousing with lighter fluid wait until it has soaked in before lighting, cap it immediately and place it a safe distance from the grill. When the briquettes are warm do not attempt to add any more fluid. Allow coals to burn out completely and let the ashes cool at least 48 hours before disposing.


WEIGHT : 5.000 KG
LENGTH : 0.000
WIDTH : 0.000
HEIGHT : 0.000