Clik Sheep Dip Pour On

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Clik Sheep-Dip Pour-On for the prevention of blowfly strike due to Lucilia sericata on sheep

  • Effective for the treatment and prevention of blowfry strike
  • Suitable for use with sheep at risk of blowfry
  • Pour on application method

CLIK must be applied with a manual or automatic dosing gun with a spray nozzle, which guarantees the correct spreading of the product on the fleece. Best results will be achieved by holding the gun approximately 45cm from the sheep during application. Apply as a fan spray along the spine of the animal in a band at least 10cm wide from the middle of the shoulders and in an arc around the crutch and tail. Half the dose should be applied along the spine with the remainder over the tail and crutch area. The product is best applied before an anticipated blowfly challenge, or when a blowfly challenge is identified on or in the vicinity of the farm. Established strikes may require a separate treatment with a knockdown insecticide. It is recommended that animals with dirty back-ends are dagged prior to application. If dagging or crutching is undertaken in the weeks following application, these animals should be re-treated, otherwise protection could be lost. Do not apply during heavy rainfall, or when such conditions are expected. The resulting wash out may reduce the protection period. The use of CLIK has harmful effects on dung flies. Treated sheep must be kept away from watercourses for at least one hour after treatment. There is a serious risk to aquatic life if this advice is not followed. Not permitted for use in lactating animals producing milk for human consumption.


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