Calsea Precalver Mineral Block 15kg

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High Performance self regulating mineral block with digestive aid to supplement minerals and vitamins in dry cows 6 to 8 weeks pre-calving

  • Convenient to use, dispensed in a trough or on wall holders 1.7 metres off the ground
  • Sodium self regulation, ideal way to supply essential trace elements and minerals pre-calving
  • Cows have access to minerals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring each cow can get access to meet their requirements
  • Contains the highest levels of Copper, Iodine, Cobalt and Selenium permitted by EU regulation and also high levels Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc. Manganese, Vitamin A, D3 and E.
  • The only mineral to have both Calseagrit and Biotech, the best parts of calcified Seaweed which brings natural minerals and helps optimise the activity of rumen bacteria

Calsea Precalver mineral block is a high performance mineral block with digestive aid. It is low in calcium to reduce the risk of milk fever and stress in cows. Contains copper and vitamins to maximise animal health and reduce incidences of retained cleanings at calving.


The pre-calving period is a vital time to ensure your cow is performing its best. The cow is preparing for their next lactation so it is vital that they are balanced with sufficient minerals, vitamins and trace elements. If they have a mineral imbalance it can cause a number of problems; extended calving, retained placenta, metabolic disorders and a poor start to lactation. During the dry cow period minerals and trace element levels can become unbalanced so it helps to correct these.


The mineral block contains zinc, iodine, selenium and vitamin E to support and strengthen the immune system around the vital pre-calving time. The formula is suitable for a pre-calving cow and should be introduced 8 weeks prior to calving. High in magnesium and low in calcium it prevents the onset of milk fever. During the dry cow period minerals and trace element levels can become unbalanced so it helps to correct these. Milk fever is an acute illness in female cows close to calving. It is an expensive metabolic disease caused by a low blood calcium level. Symptoms to look out for include a dry muzzle, staring eyes with cold legs and ears. The cow may collapse and suffer from constipation and drowsiness. The heart beat becomes weaker and faster. During cold, wet and windy weather the body temperature falls below normal.


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