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Bug Clear Ultra

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From €7.95

BugClear Ultra is an insecticide that is effective in a range of common and tough bugs including greenfly, blackfly, whitefly and other aphids

  • A contact and systemic action insecticide
  • For use on flowers, fruit and vegetables
  • Use indoors, outdoors and in conservatories
  • Makes 20 litres
  • Kills on contact but also gets inside the plant's sap stream

This insecticide gives fast-acting contact and long-lasting systemic control of many pests including aphids, whitefly, scale insects and mealy bugs. It will kill existing pest infestations and protect ornamental plants and listed edible crops against new bug attack. Concentrated for economical dilution in your own sprayer for treating large areas. The spray kills on contact and also gets inside the plants sap stream to kill greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, mealy bugs and scale insects - even those hiding away under leaves. The active ingredient works in two ways. Firstly its a contact pest killer that quickly eliminates the greenfly and blackfly that are sprayed. Secondly it also works systemically - going into the plants leaves and moving in the sap stream to protect the whole plant for weeks to come. This means BugClear Ultra kills the pests that are hiding away from the spray or those such as scale insects and mealybugs that have a protective covering. The pests absorb the insecticide through their mouth parts and soon die.


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