Bob Martin Flea Spray For Home & Pet 300ml

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Bob Martin flea spray is ideal for protecting your home and pets from fleas

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  • Effective home flea treatment
  • Tackles flea and tick eggs, larvae and adult specimensvents
  • Ideal for use in your home and on your pets
  • Protects your home for up to 4 weeks
  • Pesticide free

Bob Martin clear's flea spray for home and pets is an easy and effective way to eliminate infestations of fleas in your home and from your pets. This is a pesticide free spray which works by catching fleas and ticks with a sticky trap. The absence of pesticides means that the fleas and ticks cannot build up a resistance to the treatment. The spray addresses fleas and ticks at all stages of their lifecycles - larvae, eggs and adults. Fleas and ticks are instantly killed on contact leaving your home and pet's pest free.


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