Biocel OPTI-HEEL PLUS Footbath Booster Disinfectant

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Peracetic Acid based foaming disinfectant footbath booster for cows and sheep

  • Added to OPTI-HEEL for deep Disinfectant action
  • Foaming action gives deep cleaning killing harmful bacteria
  • Antibiotic free contains no Aldehydes or Heavy Metal
  • Suitable for use as a stand alone Disinfectant or other compatible footbath treatments
  • Biocidal registered disinfectant - PCS 99107

Opti-HEEL Plus is a Disinfectant booster based on Peracetic Acid with high levels of surfactant to give Opti-HEEL PLUS a deep Disinfectant action when added To Opti-Heel, the low usage rate 1% adds to the effectiveness. Its high biocidal action means it can be used as an stand alone Biocidal hoof wash for cows and sheep.


WEIGHT : 12.000 KG
LENGTH : 295.000MM
WIDTH : 243.000MM
HEIGHT : 200.000MM