Ariel Professional 5L 100 Wash

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Ariel's professional standard liquid laundry detergent for cleaning and freshening your clothes

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  • Excellent stain removal and deep down cleaning from the first wash
  • Delivers great efficiency even at low temperatures
  • Long lasting - 100 washes per pack
  • Contains specific whitening ingredients which keep your whites dazzling for longer
  • No need to pre-wash or pre-soak

Ariel 5L 100 Wash detergent is formulated to give brilliant cleaning and stain removal. Blended from a combination of high performing ingredients, Ariel detergent removes stains with ease,restores brilliant whiteness to your clothes, leaves fabrics with a lasting freshness and still manages to maintain efficiency at low temperatures. Achieving brilliant results without the hassle of pre-washing or pre-soaking saving you time and money. Phosphate and bleach free Ariel detergent is recommended for professional use. Keep out of reach of children.


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