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  • Choose a sunny spot sheltered from strong winds
  • Sow indoors from late March to early May
  • Sow outdoors in May pre-warm the soil under plastic sheet or cloches
  • The plants are wind pollinated so it’s better to sow them in a block rather than rows
  • Sow two seeds 1in deep 18in apart in rows 18in apart
  • Leave the cover over the plants until they reach the top, then remove the weakest seedling

  • Depending on the weather plant out indoor-raised plants at the end of May or early June
  • When the roots appear at the base of the stem cover them with soil
  • The plants need to be well watered especially when they’re flowering
  • When you see that the cobs are beginning to swell add a liquid feed
  • To help pollinating gently tap the male flowers. Remember that poor pollination will result in irregularly filled cobs.
Top Tip: If you’re planting a few different varieties of sweetcorn remember to isolate the supersweet varieties to avoid cross-pollination. Cross- pollination can result in reducing the sweetnes of the crop.

  • When the tassels have turned chocolate brown squeeze a grain between thumbnail and fingernail. If the liquid that squirts out is watery it’s unripe but if it’s creamy the cob is ready
  • To harvest twist the cob from the stem