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  • The plants can be started indoors in 4in pots in late April and plant out from the end of May to early July 2in deep 9in apart in double rows 18in apart
  • Sow a few extra seeds at the end of the rows, those plants will be able to fill any gaps if the seeds don’t germinate

  • Beans will need a support so you can use bamboo canes or strings. A lot of gardeners build circular tepees or inverted V’s with the canes tide up at the top. This means that the beans are hidden between foliage and get very little sun and breeze. It will prevent the plant from diseases but It’s better to create X shapes with the canes which allows beans to access more sun and wind.
  • Tie plants to the canes, after that they will climb naturally
  • Keep removing the tip of the plant when it reaches the top of their support

  • Keep the plants well watered
  • Mulch around the plants in June
  • Don’t forget to regularly mist the foliage and flowers especially in dry weather
  • Start harvesting when the pods are 6 – 8 in  long and before the beans inside begin to swell
  • It’s important to pick the pods when they are relatively young, once they reach maturity the plant will stop flowering and no more pods will be set 
  • If you pick the beans regularly the plant will keep producing the crop for several weeks