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Plants Directory
Window Boxes

Window boxes are very similar to hanging baskets in that they have less volume for potting compost. So this can lead to problems as they can dry out easily, or run out of food for the plants with the small amount of compost available. We recommend you use a good quality general purpose compost 


  • Ensure your box has adequate drainage in the bottom. Wooden window boxes benefit from being lined with plastic to stop the wood rotting and to help retain water.  
  • Use a central plant such as a geranium or fuchsia in the summer or a small conifer or heather in the winter.  
  • Plant the central flower in the middle towards the back of the box.  
  • For summer planting, plant trailing surfinia petunia or patio plants across the front.  
  • For an 80cm box use 3 plants.  
  • Plant a mixture of bedding at the back such as pansy, bedding begonia or busy lizzie.  
  • Finish by giving the box a good water and stand back and admire.
Plant Care
  • Don’t forget to water your box every second or every day during hot weather.  
  • If very hot and sunny weather, try to water in the evenings when it's cooler. 
  • Feed once a week with miracle gro liquid feed.  
  • Dead head faded flowers to encourage more blooms.  
  • Watch out for pests and spray with insecticide such as Bug Clear if greenfly and whitefly are present.