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Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets have less volume for potting compost. This can lead to problems as they can dry out easily, or run out of food for the plants with the small amount of compost available. It is important to use good quality potting compost you should also add water retentive gel and a long lasting feed.

  • If using a wire basket use a good quality liner.  To help retain moisture line the base of the basket with plastic cut with a few drainage holes.
  • Prepare your soil by adding in Water retentive Gel this comes in crystal form and is mixed dry with the compost in your hanging basket. Also mix in a long lasting feed this will ensure that your plants will get fed for the whole season. 
  • Remember once you water this compost the crystals will swell, which may push the compost out of your basket, to prevent this from happening leave a 1inch gap at the top of the hanging basket.
  • Top Tip - Place you hanging basket into a pot to stop it from rolling around on you during planting.
  • Start by planting a central plant such as a Geranium or Fuchsia in the centre.  For a 14in basket plant 3 basket plants or trailing surfinia petunia around the edge, inter space these with trailing lobelia.
  • Place 3 bedding plants such as pansy, bedding begonia or busy lizzie around the geranium. As a rule of thumb here at CountryLife we always suggest planting in groups of odd numbers as it give the finished product a better look.
  • Water well and hang in place making sure the hanging basket bracket is well secured to the wall to take the weight of the basket. We have a large selection of both wire and wicker baskets for sale in our CountryLife stores
Plant Care
  • Ensure the baskets never dry out. Water once a day and twice if the weather becomes very warm.  
  • Feed once a week with a liquid feed such as Doff Tomato Feed.  
  • Dead head regularly to encourage more blooms.  
  • Keep an eye out for pests and spray with insecticide such as Bug Clear if attacked by green fly or white fly.

**Watch our video on “How to plant a winter hanging basket” to see these instructions being put into practice.