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Mo-Bacter 10kg - 2 for €30

    Code: 9078990X2

    Multi-buy Deal: 2 for €30

    Mo Bacter is an completely organic fertiliser which continues to release nutrients evenly over twelve weeks. Its dual action formula feeds lawns whilst also working against moss. The high levels of potasium are ingested by the moss causes the moss plants to breakdown, and they can then be digested by bacteria in the fertiliser.

    Mo Bacter is completely organic so is safe for animals and children, and will not harm bedding plants.

    For best results use in spring or early summer to eliminate moss and again in late summer or early autumn to stifle any winter development.

    Viano Mo Bacter i works best once soil temperature is above 10°C.

    Active Ingredients: Nitrogen, phosphate and potash 5-5-20 (+3%MgO) plus a bacteria (bacillus sp) which is found naturally in soil; but when added to fertiliser, consumes dead material like thatch and moss.

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