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July is the hottest month in the year so it's time to sit out in your garden and enjoy it. Don't forget to keep your plants watered and regularly check the weather forecast for blight warnings.

Fruit and Vegetables

  • If you have planted potatoes or tomatoes check the weather forecast for blight warnings (it spreads quickly in warm wet weather conditions). Dithane is used to control it.
  • It is also important to keep your fruit and vegetables watered in dry spells as they can drop fruit, or go to seed if they have a water shortage.
  • Keep a look out for the Cabbage White butterfly, as they are laying their eggs at this time of the year. All cabbage family plants are in danger as its caterpillars can devastate an entire crop in a few days.
  • To prevent Cabbage White butterfly from laying on the leaves cover the crops with a fine mesh that does not allow them to lay the eggs on the leaves. If it’s too late for that then you could pick them off by hand or spray them with a good caterpillar spray.
  • Pick peas and beans that are ripe to encourage the plants to keep producing. They may need a feed to ensure they have the energy to keep cropping. You can use the Organic Pelleted Chicken Manure, which comes in a resealable 10.5 Kg tub.
  • Summer bedding plants need to be fed once a week with a liquid feed. Miracle Grow 1 Litre Concentrated is great.
  • They also need to be watered and dead headed regularly.
  • Roses are in full bloom and are looking great. Watch out for greenfly and white fly and for black spot. Spraying with Roseclear once every fortnight is how we control/prevent the pests and diseases attacking our roses. It's great as it not only covers the dreaded greenfly but also the Blackfly, Blackspot, Powdery Mildew and Rust.
Around the Garden
  • If lawns are starting to look a little yellow now is the ideal time to give them a feed. Evergreen lawn food is excellent. Make sure to do it when rain is forecast so as to wash it into the soil.
  • This is the ideal time to clip deciduous hedges, i.e. Beech.
  • If you have newly planted trees or shrubs this year then it is essential to make sure they are well watered in any dry spells. If you have any trees staked then it is necessary to check the tree ties to ensure they are loose so as not to damage the bark of the tree.