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April is finally here - one of the busiest months in gardener's calendar! There is no time to waste so start your gardening jobs and watch your garden grow.

  • To prevent infection by mildew, rust or blackspot you should spray new leaves on disease-prone roses with fungicide.
  • Sow seeds of hardy annual flowers directly into beds where you would like them to bloom.
  • Plant out perennials in groups of odd numbers - three, five or seven. We use this as a rule of thumb for all our planting as it gives the finished effect a better overall design.
  • Deadhead (pick off dead flower heads) spring bulbs. All plants will benefit from having the dying flowers removed as soon as they begin to fade. It stops them putting energy into forming seed and encourages the plant to produce more flowers. Watch our tutorial of “How to plant a hanging basket” to see Fergal explaining how to deadhead your flowers.
  • Give acid-loving shrubs a generous feed with acidic (ericaceous) fertiliser.
Fruit & Veg
  • Feed strawberries with a high potash feed, such as tomato fertiliser.
  • Thin out seedlings from earlier sowings.
  • In order to have a regular supply of salad crops for picking start sowing them now at regular 3-4 week intervals.
  • Plant out onion sets grown in pots under glass.
Around the Garden
  • Treat moss and weeds in lawns with weed killer, and boost growth with a lawn feed.
  • Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well watered until established.
  • Treat problem weeds, such as nettles and brambles, with weedkiller.