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Lupin Gallery White

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    'Gallery White' _ 'Gallery White' is a dwarf, clump-forming, herbaceous perennial with palmate, mid-green leaves and tall, upright, terminal racemes of white flowers. fThe flowers appear from early summer onwards and the plant makes a great addition to the middle or back of a garden border. 

    These plants can grow quite tall fairly quickly, so stake young plants to ensure they don't break. 

    Deadheading the plants as the blooms fade to encourage a second flush of flowers. Lupins are a particular favourite of slugs and snails, so protect young plants from attack. They're also vulnerable to frost damage over winter and in early spring, so cover the crown of the plant with mulch to ensure its survival.

    *Plants are seasonal and as such may only be available in store at certain times of the year. Find your nearest store here*

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