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Fuchsia Windchime 10.5cm

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Windchimes are an ideal fuchsia for hanging baskets or window boxes with their dropping habit.

Fuchsias grow best in cool-summer areas where there is a lot of moisture in the soil and the air. Fuchsias can only be planted in full sun in some of the cooler zones. Generally, they should be planted so they receive a small amount of morning sun or dappled shade all day long. If your summers are warm, windy or dry, you should protect your fuchsia by planting it in a location where it will be sheltered from the wind and will not receive hot afternoon sun.

Fuchsia blooms appear on new growth, so if you prune your fuchsia, be sure to do it before the new spring growth. Fuchsias readily accept pruning so you can prune the plant to keep it a particular size or to remove broken branches. Prune frost-damaged stems only after the last frost has past. 

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