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Ligustrim Ovalifolium Bare Root 60-80CM

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    Ligustrim Ovalifolium (Green Privet) is a semi evergreen shrub which is a very popular choice for hedging due to its fast growing a dense nature. It can grow to a maximum height of 4m if allowed. Its is not frost sensitive but very cold winters may cause it to loose its leaves. Privet boasts insect attractive clusters of white flowers in July.

    Bare roots trees are at particular risk of the roots drying out, because as the name suggests the roots are exposed. As a result the roots need to remain covered at all times before planting and they should be planted as soon as possible. If you are not planting immediately, check the roots daily to ensure they are not drying out. If they do feel dry, roots can be dipped in water for a few seconds to moisten them up again.

    Bare roots will have a soil line on the stem which indicates the original planting depth – aim to plant as close to this depth as possible.  Ensure the hole is wide enough to easily accommodate the roots which will allow for proper root spread. 

    *Plants are seasonal and as such may only be available in store at certain times of the year. Find your nearest store here*

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