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Thyme 9cm

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    Thyme is a low growing, woody perennial. It is extremely fragrant and flavorful with a distinct citrus smell and taste. It grows well in tough, dry conditions. The pink, lavender or white tubular flowers are very popular with bees. Tiny gray-green leaves remain evergreen. There are about 350 different species.

    Thyme is used frequently in Mediterranean, Italian and Provençal French cuisines. It pairs well with lamb, poultry and tomatoes, and is often used in soups, stews, stocks and sauces - due to its versatility it makes an ideal addition to your herb patch or kitchen garden.

    Thyme is hardy and will grow well either indoors or out - however, avoid too much moisture in the soil as this will cause plants to rot.

    *Plants are seasonal and as such may only be available in store at certain times of the year. Find your nearest store here*

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